Bed Bug | Accidental Medical Insurance

As an owner or manager of an investment property, you naturally want to protect and prepare for unanticipated risk. First Flight Insurance Group, Inc. offers unique, comprehensive, and profitable coverage for Bed Bug infestation and Accidental Medical backed by an A-rated Insurance Carrier – American Safety Insurance Company. Our simple reimbursement process protects your investment and allows you to serve your guests at the highest level – even in unpleasant scenarios.

Accidental Medical Insurance

Often, low value medical claims by guests cause friction between Vacation Rental Managers (VRMs) and their guests. Our solution allows for swift action and resolution during the stay and positions the VRM positively in guest-relations.
Coverage Details

$5,000 per person

$10,000 Aggregate


Bed Bug Infestation Insurance

The unanticipated discovery of a Bed Bug infestation is at minimum unpleasant and expensive to remediate. Our coverage protects both guest and VRM in the event of a claim allowing you to assist guests with a comprehensive response plan immediately.
Coverage Details

Pro-Rata Per Day* Tenant Rental Fee

$25,000 Aggregate per Claim

$5,000 Tenant Personal Property Expense

$100,000 Aggregate per Residential Dwelling

$10,000** Property Damage Expense

*Not to exceed total amount of rent including deposit fee
**Replacement or Repair Cost not to exceed $10,000


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